The World Is A Better Place Without Me

well my life up to now has amounted to nothing. Just failure and disappontment to my family and myself. I live a double life as i struggle to live life as a gay man in a very conservative environment. it weighs heavily on me and has led me to alcoholism. i have nothing persay to look forward to and i feel that everyone would be bettter off without me in their lives. the emptiness is unfathomable abd i cant stand to see another day with these feelings
iwannadietoday iwannadietoday
18-21, M
2 Responses Sep 13, 2012

NO! dying is not the solution. Souicide is a cowards way out. What you need to do is fight back just because life gives you a hurdle doesn't mean you give up it means you try to over take it and get stronger. Just because you are Gay doesn't mean your bad thats the problem with people they jusge people by their outside and not inside so dont give up fight back

do you still feel as described above?