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What is the point to living anymore??? I can't do anything right!! I'm Fat, I'm UGLY!!!! I'm stupid, I'm hopeless, I'm Dumb, I'm a Failure!! I'm a big fat disappointment!! :'C I don't see the point in living anymore!!! I can't even concentrate in class... I failed an open book test today, I was so scared I would fail it, that I did, because I couldn't find the answers! :'C I've gone through hell, and honestly it still feels like I'm there!! I know I have people that are here for me, but I don't feel like they are... I feel alone, I'm always sad, I am rarely ever happy, and when I am I don't stay happy for long!! :( I just don't know anymore... I have lost 6 pounds in the last 12 days.... and I am trying really hard not to cut... and I am having suicidal thoughts... I don't want to kill myself, and I know I won't, but I want to , and I can't stop thinking about it... :/ can anyone help me??
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u know i'v been through hard times and i wanted to kill and hurt myself many times , but the thing that always stopped me from doing that is that i know God brought me to this world for a reason . i always told myself after suffering all these things i just give up and kill myself ???!! like to move from hell to another hell ?
please . dont give up on ur self no matter how hard it is , remember there many people that love u and care about u and you are not Alone !
and i think all the God creations are beautiful :).
there are still hope to change these bad thoughts to good one. Dont give up u can try harder . just believe in yourself . and if u want to talk to anyone im here ^ ^. i always was feeling alone but i know there r many people really cares about me .

Thanks :) I know that people care, I just don't feel like they do, I feel like I'm annoying... but I'm here if you ever need or want to talk :) <3

Sometimes I feel the same way, but good moments in life are worth living. I know it's very hard to concentrate not on pain, but on bright future but you should try. Don't you want to have baby? Get married? Be successful? Be someones rolemodel? Everything is ahead of you, just don't give up, keep fighting until good days come.

I'm trying to stay strong <3 <3 I have my good days and my bad... when I have my bad days and feel like the world would be better without me. I feel bad for feeling the way I do... If you ever wanna talk I'm here <3

and yes I wanna be somebody's role model.. and get married and have kids....

After seeing the Amanda Todd story it really made me wish that I could have helped her I did not know her but if I did I definitely would not have treated her that way kjust simply let her know I am here. I am just someone willing to listen to what you have to say because sometimes that is what we need. Of course I can not physically come and see you and be there with you but I will listen. Whether you are thinking of committing suicide or just frustrated with life, you may be bullied, and you feel like you have no one. Whatever it may be I am willing to help, YOU CAN CONTACT ME ANYTIME and I will respond as fast as I can. I am not a license therapist just a young person willing to listen and share my thoughts. I am here for you I will not judge you only listen and may respond. You can contact me here or tweet me at this twitter account I just made @someoneforyou12.

I'm tired. My drug induced, nightmare infused, pitiful excuse for sleep does nothing to help. I am too tired to continue for much longer. But I have to keep going, because if I didn't, my friends wouldn't have me reminding them to take care, and they would die. There is someone who you have to stay alive to help. Find them and when you feel suicidal like I do each night, focus on the fact that they need you. This is what I do and it's why I'm alive.

I will not actually kill myself, I just think about and how I'm going to... I've come quite close to actually trying a couple of times, But I won't because my friends need me, and my mom would be sad if I did, and so would my school counselor, she said she would be the most hysterical person at my funeral, then she said "okay maby the second most hysterical person, right next to your mom" ...

I don't have a councillor so I guess my mom would be the most hysterical, or maybe my sister.

yeah... :/ I'm sorry :(

I'm sorry for anyone who has these problems.

yeah :(

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Good please dont, people will miss you and You are loved.


Please talk to your parents, I know how you feel, just a few days ago I was suicidal. I knew I wouldnt do it but I wanted to. I have been dealing with suicidal thoughts for 7 years now. I am only 19. Please get help, trust me it will make you feel 10 times better. I promise. <3

But for the moment... they aren't as bad... I have too many things running around my head to even have a single spare second... I still think about it, but not as much... I KNOW for a fact that I may think about it, but I Won't commit suicide...

girl you are soo young and have soooo much to look forward to!! you are beautiful because you are a woman and we are the most amazing creatures on this planet!! you have lost 6 lbs in 12 days? that is not easy but please dont try and lose wieght by starving urself bc its very bad for you!! i have cut myself for yrs but never will again. the scars that are left behind are not pretty i know it feels good at the time but u will regret it later!! i know its hard to open up to ur parents at ur age but please talk to them, they can help get u the proffesional help u need. i know u think they will judge u but they are ur parents and love u and only want the best for u!! sooo many girls ur age feel the same way. you will be just fine, i promise. just please get the right help and do not self medicate by cutting or drugs, it will only make things worse trust me!!! read my story, it may help you. i am here if u need someone to talk to and i will be praying for you! much love!!

*Mom* not parents... I have a counselor for other reasons... and I recently told her that I cut... but right now, I'm mad her... She was a huge Bit*h to me!!!

There is so much at your fingertips, I wish I could make you understand. Love animals? volunteer at an animal hospital. Want to give support to people in need, and explore the meaning of life? Work in hospice care. Discover your undiscovered passion for painting. Do something you never thought you could enjoy just to see why people like it. i.e. rock climbing, skiing, chests!?

And more importantly ask for real help from real people when you need it. Ep can't fix your problems

ok... But FYI EP IS HELPFUL!!!

I'm in soo much pain... Mostly emotionally... :'C

Ohhhh... I do wish the best for you. But, I can't make you feel beautiful or confident, because I don't know who you are. That's partly because I can't read your profile but... anyway! Please stay strong. I would hate to see you cry because I can't stink-in do anything!

okay... :/