I haven't been on this site for probably a year now... The 1st time I came here was when I was depressed over my mother's death and my step dad being an butt and having to be stuck with him.. when I first came to the site it made me feel little bit better when I talk to strangers about my personal life. I guess that makes me stranger than I thought huh? When my mom dead I promied myself and God I wouldnt kill myself until my brother and his kids didnt need me anymore. What is lately I feel like I'm breaking that promise I've just lost my job that I work damn hard to keep and and failing college by 1 class that I tooken for the second time... I just dont see the value is in living anymore... no I'm not gonna kill myself tonight but I feel like I'm in a constantly loosing battle and I am just tired of always trying and failing..I have no real friends I can talk to and I guess I'm too prideful and weak talk to a therpist lord knows they prob ship me away..I always feel a tad bit better when write this stuff down for strangers online to see then i do in person.
AlissiaAnissia AlissiaAnissia
18-21, F
Nov 25, 2012