Nothing To Live For.

When you have nothing to live for, what's the point in living? I just don't understand, we all die eventually so what's the point? I understand if you can do something like your clever or you can sing or your good at art. But I'm not good at anything, so what am I living for? To eventually get older and struggle for a job, to not be loved then to committ suicide, my future dosent look worth it, so why am I not able to jump of that building or bridge or shoot myself? I've stood at the edge and I've climbed down before. But I don't know why, I keep hoping someone or something will come into my life and make it worth living, but I'm tired of waiting for the same old **** everyday.
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1 Response Dec 8, 2012

I've been in that position and hope that something good will come into my life too. Hugs.