Suicide... The Only Option

For over a year, ive been an outcast to my "society" and i know i have no future.. I am faiiling high school and am probably gunna drop out. I wanted to go into the marines, but idk if ill be able to do that... My life is so ****** up. I dont even believe there is such thing as a god. I did for a while, but **** him. Never did anything for me. Ive been on my own here for a while. I cut myself almost everyday, and i have barely any friends. People who know me would never guess im like this, i put on such a fake show, and i can trick just about anyone. Ive considered my options, and suicide seems like the only one... There really is no point for me living.. I can live my life out in complete bull ****, or i can end it all here.. Maybe even tonight...
kehv63 kehv63
18-21, M
Jan 9, 2013