How Do I End My Misery?

Everyday I wake up, and I want to kill myself. The only thing that stops me is the thought of my family. Ironically, it seems that I am doing an excellent job of pushing them away, so I guess I won't have to worry about them for long.

I've been looking for a quick and easy death, but it doesn't seen like there is such a thing. The "cut your femoral artery in a hot bath" method has been growing in appeal lately. I'm tempted to try.

It's my birthday on Saturday... I think I'll give myself the only thing that I want.
thetotallylost1 thetotallylost1
18-21, M
1 Response Jan 10, 2013

I know sometimes life just sucks and you find yourself thining: Why am i here? Is life worth it anyways?I have had tough times when all i wanted to do was fall asleep and never wake up. I didn't want a painful death, some meaniongful last sentence... i just wanted it to STOP. The suffering; everything that hurt. I won't say all those cheesy things, like: C'mon, you can do it, Life's beautiful, it's totally worth it etc. You should consider that life is never easy, no one is perfect because the world isn't perfect and well, that's just perfect; because you are you and no one can take that away. Think that life could be way mor horrible than it is now, but you are alive and breathing, and although you didn't ask for it, you are still here. You think that through the tough times there's only pain and loneliness, but that pain is YOURS. You can turn all the pain into something you can use for your own good, for you wisdom. I will be willing to listen to anything you'd like to say, if you feel you need a shoulder to cry on. You asre not alone, really. I care and i'm sure a lot of other people too. You just gotta give it chance , to life and yourself.