My Story

Before it was a clean paper
My story was written pristine and sparkling
I used to read it again and again
It had spring, happiness and smiles
But a lot of people came to my life
They scribbled and scribbled hatred
Threw and spilled ink of loathing
On my paper, even tattered that
Now, I can’t read my story
Neither can I remember
Can anyone tell me my story
Please, :(
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5 Responses Jan 14, 2013

Oh your story like many others, was bright and sparkling.
why does a paper, remind you of your hearts throbbing?
Breathe in some air, freshen up your mind.
Write anew on your soul, when you start there will be no Stopping!


They are called Ascii characters... hold down the 'alt' key and press digits on the numerical pad, then release the alt key.

here's a list of codes:

Your story is still pristine and sparkling no ink of loathing or no scribbling of hatred can destory your story those ink and scribbling will be removed and the story will be readable for you

Very touching... I can describe Your story....
Once there was a guy, who was so kind, generous, simple and sweet .he enjoyed his life and was satisfied with what he had but some cruel people couldn't see his happiness, they felt jealous to him and did a lot of bad things to make him down..he faced all the troubles bravely but didn't leave his goodness... He is still Sweet and kind like before and looking for better future... :)

a new story is waiting for you anna... <3

No one can tell you, it is something you have to figure out! Don't loose sight of yourself because of others! Keep your head up and focus on finding yourself again! Stay strong for yourself