I have been harrased by social services since the age of 6, they have torn my family apart to the point where we hardly talk and they are trying to take my 8 month old daughter off me for a mistake I made 7 years ago when I was 13 years old just a kid. I have a court case next month so they can take my little girl away and its destroying me as everyone says I am an excellent father and she is my world. I have also been physically, sexually and mentally abused by my father and brothers which does not help eitherand I feel that I have nobody in this world. I'm tired of fighting this life all the time I didn't ask to be here and to be frank I don't want to be here I just want to die. I can feel the part of me that is still slightly recognisable as human trying to fight back but the bad thoughts just take over continuosly. Anything I try and do just gets shut down and the social try to make me out to be a really bad person and I know I am a nice person but they are starting to make me think that I am evil and maybe its true I don't know.
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How am I a sicko and I done plenty of therapy with papers to prove its my babies mum thats in the **** thats why we lost are kid and that guy puts lil girls panties on his head and loves it plus it gets him off and you dont think thats sick? coz if thats the case then your sick too so I would find out the facts before you go running your mouth to me.