To Care About Yourself.

I mean don't be selfish but care about how you feel. Don't go overboard with that and SHOUT FOR NO REASON because it just feels good........ do it. Don't write long poems that I want to read but can't because I'm tired and it's to long for me to read and care when I don't care because I'm tired and I rather care about myself because I assume that you don't care. People are not ******** or stupid, they are tired and they should say that and not be all mean looking. But it's when they don't go. If someone seems tired you should ask them? No.... or yes Idk and if you see some cool lady or gentleman then find out what makes them cool and do it genuinely. Genuinely means honestly. Don't force it or fake it, I tried rapping and I forced it and it made no sense. But I stopped later and just a while ago I went and tried it again and it's great now because I just did it by chance and because I started singing more and doing better things than just ONE THING.

And I like when my hair goes into nots because I can not care even though I feel it it's the same with swimming, no one cares.
Acchbellon Acchbellon
18-21, M
Jan 22, 2013