What Is The Point Of Not Living?

When you need support it seems you are on your own. But here is the deal you say you hate yourself that you had enough but did you ever stop to realize that despite how you feel that you are truly unique? Did you realize that outside that life's twist and turns can make you want to give up because you have been neglected,abused,misunderstood ,hurt or just don't understand some things. It is overwhelming I know and its easy to end it to get away from the pain and that darkness seems to be never ending and we think it is easier to just give up and think of ending it.
The problem is you belong here or god would have never sent you here and share a few thoughts ideas laughs pain problems and realize we are not that different . We are all part of this jigsaw called life and we in our differences have our place. Why leave that jigsaw incomplete?
It does not matter what the fuq they say or do we belong here. We matter how bad things get ..lovers leave..relatives pass away it makes me wonder sometimes why we are all here. After laying in hospital helpless and believing it was my time to die I remembered the very few things that made me happy. In my mind I thought this is it.It is over. And I prayed to my god please take me when you are ready because I am ready.
I survived that night alone in that hospital and after surgery I came home and noticed
the beautiful things in life.Flowers my garden my home the sky. Each night I would go to sleep so frail and faced the possibility that I would be in heaven when my eyes opened. Well that was 7 years ago now. So I say to you that before that happened I lost myself in bs clutter and what others thought of me. It doesn't matter in this life..the anger..the fear what we did wrong ..what went wrong. In this crazy life we open our lives and should pause before we do something we can never change again...because life is truly beautiful if we look hard enough. Its just that sometimes we thing we are better off not being here anymore. But that is wrong. We are alive and breathing right now to enjoy our day as best we can or make changes to be in a better stronger way to not let anyone make us hate ourselves so much as to end it all.
If we all gave up then I would be talking to myself right now and probably not benefit from your perspective and experiences. I mean we are not the first to make major mistakes but that's being human it is ok to do it ..we just have to learn and make some tough choices because we are better than that but we needed someone..anyone to show us some real love so we understand life is not so bad.
So I wrote my thoughts and wrote and wrote and wrote because I for some strange reason give a dam. I have children...I am a father I am paternal
don't do it. Don't give up..you are worth more than that..that's all.
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The point of living? From my perspective everyone has a purpose in life but nobody's purpose is the same. Some are here to help others physically some mentally. The fun part is finding your specific purpose and being happy. But that's just my perspective

Life is a University. It's main subjects are pain, suffering, knowledge, wisdom, happiness, hedonism, insanity, love,hate, and death.

Just thought I let you know that your story was very heartfelt. I did have a good tearing up.

Many times, when I'm not making myself so busy to tune out my impending thoughts of guilt, lonliness, and possible suicide, I think too much about my family, I have lost, over the past 4 years of my life, and there still is the hope that I cling to that there must be something out there good for me, someone out there good for me. Hoping I could find a sign from my family members that they are all together, ok and are there for me, watching over me, but I never feel it, even though others have had experiences, through their lives, with the people they have lost. Why not me? I try to relax and let the angels? or something speak to me, somehow, but it doesn't seem to happen for me. I was always one to strongly believe that there was something out there and a possible afterlife, but every day that goes by, there is silence......Once I reach this state of mind, I break down and wallow in grief, so badly that I feel I need to be with them. I miss them so much that even going to a berievement group doesn't help. It doesn't really help to get certain feelings out about how much I miss my family.

I've done a few things wrong in my life that I could never take back, and for really asking forgiveness from the ones that are gone, it just doesn't cut it. The guilt of arguing with my Mother before she passed, has affected me alot as well as not being at the hospitals on my Mother's, my Father's and Brother's last day of breath, has gotten to the soul of me. I thought I was doing the right thing with my Mother by letting her go on her own because I was told that loved ones find it hard to let go when someone they love is around. They struggle to stay alive, no matter how much pain they are in. My Father, I promised, I would be there to the end and I missed by one day, and then it was too late. My Brother never saw me or my family for years due to driving tractor trailer on the roads and having a so called "wild life", from what I've heard. He died in the foothills of Alberta, quite suddenly, after being admitted to hospital and no family by his side. I wish I knew that he was ill. I would have been there for him, at least.

Anyways, my purpose in my life is to try to comfort the homeless on the streets of Ottawa, or to lend a hand to someone less fortunate than me, in the building, where I live. I also give as much as I can to anyone you needs my help, and I do try to get in touch with the 2 members left of my immediate family, but they are so full of grief themselves that they don't care to reach out to one of the ones that seem to give a s&*t about them.

So I guess my life is still worth living even though it is so painful, and full of lonliness for the ones I love and want to be with. I just have to accept the loss in my life, and try to move on, but this is too much of a difficult journey for me to face, alone.

Thankyou for your thoughts.

Take care.

I am a single woman, I live by myself people have try to hurt me,mentally physically but thanks God, I never wonder what's the point of living, so I say to myself " I love my life" some people hate me for that, cuz some people will love to see you break down your point of living so I am happy to know that you know how important living is.

This is profound heartfelt and timely for me. Thank you.

Either in fulfilling personal confirmation or costly denial of God's purpose for making human beings in his own image, viz.: "life-giving Spirit", as initialed in the beginning with the "tree of life" (Gen. 2: 7-9), and "finished" at the very end in Christ's death on the cross (Matt. 27: 50-56; John 19: 30-37), one does not cease to wonder in amazement about or doubt the meaning of life. God bless you!

Thanks a lot for this story.


that is deep

Thank you for writing such an inspirational story, it touched my heart.

Thanks for the beautiful story.

Thank you for your writing!

Truly inspiring words! A lot of times I was thinking the same thing of why I am here and should I end it because I felt my life could not get any better. I have since changed my way of thinking and I will absolutely not give up on life no matter how hard it gets.

I am a 63 yr old woman. I would of said from your letter you are wiser beyond your years and I am sure because you have suffered It is refreshing for you to see the truth about life. I read your letter with tears and pray wherever you are you have peace because we all struggle with that. I have adult children in your age group who have no regard for anything other than themselves and of course I am reminded that it's my fault they are rotten. Being a single mother I did my best and I REFUSE to apoligize for their behavior. God Bless you!! please know you are not alone........we are all in this together, as you said the puzzle of life. Karen

Karen, you are not alone either. There is a ONE-STOP SOLUTION in what I for long mistakenly thought was a déjà vu, viz.: Christ's death on the cross, which can be visionally experienced and confirmed from the Scripture as being Spirit-active, perfect and diacritical, a.k.a., eternal life or "life in all its fulness"! PTL.

"The point of not living", a.k.a., a suicidal crisis, is a Biblically tested and well-known blessing in disguise. All one needs to do in despair is to open up self to the new opportunities of being spiritually and permanently "born again" of the Spirit through the exceedingly powerful POINT OF CHANGE characteristic to Christ's death on the cross. It works miracles! (John 3: 1-16; Matt. 27: 50-56; ff.)

"Huh?" is right! Only by PERSONAL EXPERIENCE rather than words can one know and understand the significance of Christ's death on the cross. Give it a try!

Unless you want to give what you wrote another look, there is A CONTRADICTION IN TERMS. You said, "I believe in God but my way of doing things is for me to keep out of his way and him to keep outta my way". It is up to you of course!

I agree! Man's "free will", with which we have to live either in complete happiness or misery, is the CONSTANT CHOICE between the literal "tree of life", a.k.a., Christ's death on the cross, and the figurative "tree of knowledge", a.k.a., mixed fruit of what is good and what is bad, viz.: man's theology and religion --including Christianity and the church, respectively. I know that trying to live a life without without God's self-sufficient revelation is utterly suicidal. So will you! Choose right and live! God bless you. (Gen. 2: 7-17; Matt. 16: 13-28; 27: 50-56)

See you in Paradise, then! (Luke 23: 40-43)

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Why do you Americans mostly seem to invoke the god thing. I for one don't think there is a personal higher being. When you are dead that's it, you are no more so try to stay as long as you can.
Religion causes a great deal of havoc in this world, just look at the Muslims and all the trouble they cause in the name of their god. If you have to believe in anything, believe in yourself !

Well what ever nationality you are as you may gather I don't think there is an all knowing entity at all. I have a good life and a loving wife, I have medical issues which will one day relieve me of the burdens of this life but till then I shall enjoy.
I am by trade an electronics tech & organist, I enjoy playing the instrument & repair them for various individuals & churches. I find even though I am retired I am in much demand for repair work on various equipment. I guess it gives me a feeling of self worth. I have just recently designed and built equipment that gives me free electrical power from the sun using solar panels & battery bank. My house is now not connected to the electrical grid so all the power we use we generate ourselves.
By the way I served 20 years in the Royal Australian Airforce working on Aircraft Avionics & teaching people under me electronics. Nations do need a military for protection & sometimes war is necessary between nations.

FYI, religion and revealed knowledge of God are completely incompatible according to the holy Scriptures (Jewish, Christian, Muslim, etc.!

Yes you are right in didn't design the various components :- Solar panels, 48V battery bank, battery charge controller, 48V to 230V 50 Htz 6 KVA inverter plus standby charging ability via an external source of 240V from a petrol driven generator for backup. The design I am talking about is how I have put it together and some auxiliary equipment developed to allow the whole setup to function independently from the national power grid. I am writing an article on it for publication in Silicon Chip magazine. Most people with solar panels are still connected to the grid with no provision for power at night or when the sun doesn't shine for a long enough period except drawing power from the grid.
I should have made myself clearer. By the Bye what does "Ethiopian" mean with the acronym FVI ????

This is so incerdibly accurate. Thank you for writitng this. I relate to some of the stuff you said so much.

Your sincere views and magnificent human empathy were stirring to read. You certainly aroused deep feelings within the souls of many of the folk that read your story.
Life is indeed a highly complex adventure.
On reflection from an advanced age, riddled with a kaleidoscope of illnesses, most precipitated by a lifetime, lifestyle of 'hard living', one realises the phases of the journey were determined chiefly by the choices made at differing stages of maturity.
When very young, old age is somewhere on another galaxy, too far away to contemplate, so the 'Nick Romano' type of pseudo-philosophy -
"Live fast, play hard, die young and have a good looking corpse."
tends to be the directional compass which steers one's lifecraft through the voyage.
Some years later you have a wonderful wife and family so you naturally work hard, tending to your businesses with diligent dedication, doing whatever you can to inspire the children to give their very efforts to get all the degrees necessary to launch successful careers.
You philosophise about the great mysteries of life and form some deeply entrenched convictions.
You are primarily living the reasonably good life but there are a few predictable scenarios that are very naievely overlooked.
Every form of life ages, withers then dies.
Very early one Monday morning you wake up in the TV lounge, having slept through the movie you intended to view. Like an automaton you go to your cache of Camel Plains, but realise that you've gone through three packs. That is your self imposed daily limit, so you retire quietly to the bedroom. You are somewhat discomforted with a mild pain and think nothing of it. Your wife wakes up, looks at you, instantly diagnoses it as a heart attack at 2:40am. You claim it is indigestion or some other frivolity so she unhesitatingly phones your daughter urging her to rush over to help her.
Daughter and wife pull, drag and shove you out the house to the car amidst you vehement protests that they are kidnapping you and violating all your constitutional rights. They heed you not and you go into cardiac arrest half a short block from your home. On arrival at the hospital's Emergency Room, the para-medic pronounces you dead after trying everything to revive you, speaking to the Cardiologist on the mobile. He claims he has used the legal limit on the paddles, but daughter desperately and threateningly goes nose to nose with him, telling him that if I'm dead, it doesn't matter, but he must up the power. He does and after sixteen minutes of flat-lining the is a mild kick from the heart. The Cardiologist instructs him on what to do.
You wake up four days later in the strange surroundings of ICU of a Cardio Ward.
The nursing staff around you all seem excited and you just don't have any idea of where, how, why and what is going on. Hospital staff ask some apparently simpleton questions, so to restore some reality into the equation you ask, "What the hell is going on?"
They tell you, that you are in hospital and the Doctor will be there in minutes and will explain.
That episode was just over eleven years ago. The Cardiologist said that the recovery made Medical history, but that a quadruple by-pass had to be done as soon I could pass a rigourous breathing test before a reputable Cardiac Surgeon would be willing to perform the procedure.
There followed a six month's training schedule of Cardio Gymnasium workouts, healthy eating, no cigarettes, no Whisky and long walks.
One year later my beloved good wife had a second attack of Cancer, sixteen years after her first brush with the dreaded big 'C' . Remission followed , but after another year of relentless medical care and all kinds of specialist Doctors therapies it relapsed into her third Cancerous áffliction. The dreaded Chemotherapy treatment ensued but to no avail.
Our home was like a holiday sanctuary. I ensured that the children and her dearest friends came over for dinner four nights every week and she joined us at the dinner table for as long as she could do so. Gradually she joined the family and her friends for shorter periods until she weakened and could only make a brief token visit to join the company. She enjoyed the loving support, good humour and camaraderie of our children, their spouses and our grandchildren right up to the day of her death.
We slept embraced all night, every night until her pain precluded such close intimacy.
The she died in my arms one afternoon.
Despite all the deepest caring support of family and friends, my grief was entwined with a numbing shock. Nothing made any sense.
She had lived a clean life. I was the heavy smoker, drinker, hard living 'hooligan' if you like.
She was eight years younger than me, but I had survived and she was gone.
It just wasn't fair!
There are no guarantees in life apart from the Laws of Gravity, death and taxes. There is the all pervasive Murphy's Law which supervenes with unanticipated, sporadic appearances to remind us of the fragility of life's realities.
The human condition may well be a ridiculous, unfathomable state that nature created by the Almighty, leaves to its' battle with myriad forces to find expression in so many countless, perplexing, hilarious and tragic ways.
It is eight years since my wife's death. I survive. I'm seventy eight. I have a wheel-barrow of medications daily. I blessed with my lovely children and their families, some very good surviving old friends and keep company laughing most of the time.
Contemporaries are mainly dead and sadly two more currently living out their last painful days.
Tomorrow the news headlines will carry report of all kinds of youthful fatalities all over this spaceship that we have so recklessly polluted and degraded.
Quo Vadis?
I knew all the answers many years ago. Today I realise I know nothing except that one cannot give wise advice to anyone. Human nature almost invariably does what it feels compelled to do.
A friendly smile, a warm embrace, a sincere empathy for the hurt of anyone within our social interactions be they friends or strangers, is the right way to treat our fellow beings.
I'm no curmudgeon but I won't tolerate sociopaths or bullies of any kind.
My life expectancy just doesn't permit me the time to humour the unkind.
Most of us act foolishly at some or other stage of our life, some of us act like bloody fools often in our lives, yet others are just fools.
I thank you Lookseen for your deeply felt sentiments so directly expressed to those that haven't realised the joy of smelling the roses.
I wish them all to enjoy the enigma of Life.

Thank you for the beautiful insight into loving. Life is a journey for all of us, but loving has to start with our loving ourselves. That's really hard for a lot of us here, but it opens up the path that we were meant to travel. I know that I had a path that I wanted to travel, but it wasn't until I let the universe unfold is when I found that I could love again. Joy for me is paying forward the grace and loving shown to me during my darkest moments. I enjoy most the times that I can share my love again. We're here and gone in the blink of the universal eye. It took a long time, but the "old girl" learned to be in the moment and finally enjoy the gift of that moment. I'm just so happy that I didn't miss out on the things that I took for granted before. I have no idea what's in front of me, but I'm so thankful for today.
I'll run with your pack any day Dinosaur R!

That was so beautiful it made my day. Thank you so much for writing this because I'm sure you've inspired a lot of people w/ this. Your words mean everything and you really inspired me <33 x

This is beautiful! I couldn't agree with you more. I had something similar happen. I call it "asleep" But I was lost in the every day life to life bs that was meaningless and empty.. and then something happened.. and I wanted to die. I cried out to GOD to take me home, that I was ready.. Well He heard my cries, but he chose to not take me home. He made me realize that I am here for a reason. Like you, life became in color. I saw everything so much more clear and beautiful. I LOVE who I am now, and I live everyday of my life loving everyone around me, for the ones who are the most unloveable are the ones who need it the most. Life is about one thing, LOVING. NOT romantic love people, but LOVE. Loving others unconditionally and with no expectations! Giving! Sharing! Compassion! Kindness!

Thank you for sharing.. Amazing insight to those that suffer each day, including myself. You are not alone, at times I wonder why I am still here... Three years ago I suffered a traumatic spine injury that ended my 12 year career as a Special Education Teacher/Behavioral Therapist. Today, as I sit outside drinking my tea and welcoming this new day all I can think about is if I will ever recover from my injury-not only the physical aspect, but the emotional toll it has taken on me. I worked 4 jobs to pay for high school & 3 jobs to pay for my two college degrees and lived the career of a lifetime. When it all came to an abrupt end I found myself wondering, "why am I still here?" I still think this thought as I sink deeper into debt & let go of the anguish I feel each day. Because of my accident I am limited to working only 10 hours a week, now as a babysitter-a job that I enjoyed in middle school has now become my only source of income. I reflect back & presently how unhappy my heart is, how enraged I feel that I can not help children with Autism, solely due to the fact that my once career requires 90% physical work, work that my spine does not allow me to do anymore. I've spent nights awake stricken with overwhelming anxiety-because according to my path & goals in my life, I should have already started or even completed my dream to get my Doctorate Degree. Instead my days are filled with doctor appointments, legal meetings & court hearings, fighting for my life to keep afloat. I've already lost my home, my car & all of my belongings I had to put in storage. But in the scheme of it all, those are just "things." But why am I still burdened with such unhappiness? I suppose my emotional pain will take time to cease as I dreamed of helping children in need since I was 8 years old. Now, at 34, I can barely afford to eat each day in fear of having my electricity shut off once again because I have to choose where my minimal income goes.... But it essence, I'm lucky. Crazy to think that, yes. But there are millions of others out there far worse off than I. I just wish I felt that truth within so I can smile the way I once did when I was successful. I see all my friends, family & colleagues surpass me in every way- career wise, starting families & living their dreams.. Jealous? Yes, I guess I do feel envious of such freedom they all posses. But that's what I see on the outside, who knows what each one I envy is really feeling deep down inside. So all I can do is brush off my anguish, pick myself up each day & move forward in hope of living a fulfilling life. Three years ago I lost my best friend of 13 years to suicide. I thought that would do me in.. Now, as I endure the reality of the loss of my career, burying my best friend & having fond memories of everything I worked my tush off for, is not what I should focus on each day.. But why do I still live in such pain? Because I'm human. But happiness is a state of mind & considering that I am blessed to be able to "walk" away from the severe spinal injury I endured 3 years ago & that I'm not laid up in a hospital bed is more than anyone in my position could ask for. I know in years to come, when my trial is over & (hopefully) justice is served I will be stronger than I ever thought. Until then, I must take each moment as it comes & be blessed with the love & support of my family & friends. One day, I will fulfill my dream & open a children's education center & work closely with each teacher I personally train to be the best educators for the future of our children. Though I may never be able to teach children with physical disabilities again, I will never give up on educating the talented teachers I will recruit one day. Keep on living-no matter what hand God gives you, just keep on living like today is the last.
Queens, NY

You are beautiful and you are loved. &lt;3

Thank you for a "real" look into a positive look at life and living every day. I personally can't seem to get back to that true sense of joy at just being here. I have wonderful friends for who I am truly blessed. I wouldn't be here now if it weren't for them. What is missing from my life is family. I lost my husband on 12/4/11, and life as I knew it has gone. We had no children, and our extended families live in different states, so here I am, by myself at my age. I know about friends, volunteering, and doing for others, and fully believe in it. What's missing is the joy of being needed in that close intimate relationship, and nothing is filling that void. I do go on, but it gets harder every day when you've lost the love of your life and your calm in the storm of life. I don't know how things will play out for me, but reading uplifting stories such as yours do shine a brief light in my darkness.

We are here because we have a role to play in the universe the only reason you feel the way you feel because you still searching for that think that could make you complete and one with universe them you going to be happy

All clouds are cleared and I'm seeing bright sunshine in your words, full of happiness and acceptance and glad to see this metamorphised "Lookseen" :-)

This is such a beautiful and well writtten post. Although we have never met I am glad and happy to know that you survived that hospital stay and your writing is very uplifting for me. I have been thinking of giving up lateely when the going has been harder than hard, but reading this reminds me to enjoy and focus on all the beauty this life and world has to offer.Hugs, sending you good thoughts and thank you so much :)

That was real inspiring...let me add that I am busy at work but when I received the email about ur story, I had to pause to read the whole thing and add comment :) seriously u should write a book :)))

Thank you.

I have been in a very dark place recently and have considered ending it all. I am in a strange country, no friends, family many miles away, son due to leave home soon. I feel so alone. I work for myself and can go for days without having any meaningful conversation with anyone.

I suffer from depression (dysmythia). Have done for years. I am trying to work out where it all went so wrong. Rotten childhood - emotionally abused by my father; one failed relationship after another, marriage, divorce, more failed relationships, succession of miserable jobs. Time has whizzed by and now I find myself totally alone in my early forties.

But, however strong the urge to end it all, I just can't seem to find the strength to do it.

It is true that we all need someone...to be loved.

everyone is different and every human has the right to end their life .
sure you may change the odd mind but until you crawl inside anothers' head you don't know why they are on the brink .
Some of us are beyond help and living to keep others' happy . we medicate ourselves to the eye ball to function . When you ***** away the meds you have a person who has no business being alive .

I don't mean to sound rude, but do really "give a dam"? would you really care at all if I a random stranger disappeared off the face of this earth? I know my friends and family wouldn't be happy about it but can you honestly say that you would actually care?
I understand and appreciate what you are trying to do I thinks it's great if this helps people, I just kind of doubt that you could care if I live or die our that you could think I'm worth it without knowing me. I know your response will be that everyone is worth it but what if we aren't what if I'm a worthless piece of crap that can't do anything right and just sucks at life. I know everyone says life is worth living but why? what in the world is so worth it? my personal theory is that we just don't want to lose those around us and we're scared of dying so we say that it's worth living. now don't get all worried thinking I'm gonna kill myself or something. I'm not. Trust me. I know how it feels to think you're gonna die and not be able to do a thing about it. It's a scary, painful thing. but then again so is life. I'm not trying to go against your view, just trying to point out the other side of the story. life is uncertain. death is certain. dying sucks, but once your'e dead you're dead and that's it (in my opinion at least). that's it you are done no more. but while you are alive there will always be ups and downs and you just keep going. and dead or alive the world keeps spinning and the world keeps going. I think the message you are putting out is great and i'm glad that you are encouraging people to live and to not give up, I just thought I'd put my thoughts out there and open up the topic for discussion. Sorry for the length and sorry if this offends anyone. I'm really curios as to your or anyone else's answers to my questions.

ok I get it you are one of the very few people actually do legitimately care what happens to other people even if you don't know them. It's good to know that there are other people out there like that. :) I'm still curious as to the answers to the other questions though. also I would like to make a clarification I did not say people are scared to die I said they were scared of dying. Those may be the same thing to you but to me dying and being dead are two very different things. dying is scary and usually painful death on the other hand is not because as you said "you only die once". once you are dead you are dead but you can have been dying and end up still alive. and in my personal opinion feeling your heart stop beating is one of the scariest moments that happens in life, maybe a bit relieving too, but definitely scary.(now this might have a personal bias to it because I was a 13 year old when I felt this and at the time all I could think was "I guess I'm gonna die tonight, well I can't say i've had a bad life, I don't really have any regrets, but I didn't think It'd be over so soon, well I guess this is it" none the less it was still rather scary to feel my heart stop beating and to no longer be able to breathe at all. I got lucky I fell back into an upright sitting position and started breathing again just barely, but I was breathing and my heart was beating and I was pretty darn sure at that point that I was going to die that night because that was the moment I knew that the only thing I could do is sit there and wait to die. If I stood up my heart would stop beating again if I laid down I would be unable to breathe again. heck if I had fallen forward instead of back when my heart stopped beating then I would have died that night, but by some miracle I lived through that night. I would have died if someone hadn't happened to have gotten up at around 3 am and hadn't happened to notice that I was awake, and hadn't happened to actually talk to me. because of that I am still alive today, but I don't think I will ever forget the feeling of having my heart stop beating.)sorry for the parenthesized rant. Also the question I really want the answer to is why life is worth living, what's so worth it. I know this answer is probably different for different people but honestly I want to know.

Lol, i'm sorry but that was definitely not what I was expecting. Just putting it out there I don't really watch t.v or play video games that often. mostly just study, hang out with friends, and exercise. I agree that the world is indeed a beautiful and complex place and that nature really is amazing. As I had said earlier I wasn't trying to fight you're point just putting the other side of the story out there. I'm just a curious student seeking knowledge. thank you for your answers to my questions though I'm still not quite satisfied with the answer to what makes life worth living, but I figured every one's answer would be different if they even had an answer to that. sorry for any trouble I may have caused you and sorry, but I will never stop asking. asking is my way of living. I'm that person who just can't help but ask why and try to figure out how things work. sure sometimes the answers are harsh or shatter my previous views but no matter what they always bring me a new perspective on things and another level of understanding. so once again thanks for your answers sorry for the trouble and sorry for the rants.

Also the question I really want the answer to is why life is worth living, what's so worth it. I know this answer is probably different for different people but honestly I want to know.


These are three things which are rare indeed and are due to the grace of God
namely, a human birth, the longing for Liberation, and the protecting care of a perfected sage.

The man who, having by some means obtained a human birth, and mastery of the Vedas to boot, is foolish enough not to exert himself for self-liberation, verily commits suicide, for he kills himself by clinging to things unreal.

What greater fool is there than the man who having obtained a rare human body neglects to achieve the real end of this life ?

Let people quote the Scriptures and sacrifice to the gods, let them perform rituals and worship the deities, but there is no Liberation without the realisation of one’s identity with the Atman, no, not even in the lifetime of a hundred Brahmas put together.

~ Shankaracharya, Vivekachudamani

would you really care at all if I a random stranger disappeared off the face of this earth? I know my friends and family wouldn't be happy about it but can you honestly say that you would actually care?


It is life to do good, it is death not to do good to others. Ninety per cent of human brutes you see are dead, are ghosts -- for none lives, my boys, but he who loves.

Feel, my children, feel; feel for the poor, the ignorant, the downtrodden; feel till the heart stops and the brain reels and you think you will go mad -- then pour the soul out at the feet of the Lord, and then will come power, help, and indomitable energy.

You must give your body, mind, and speech to "the welfare of the world". You have read --" look upon your mother as God, look upon your father as God"-- but I say " the poor, the illiterate, the ignorant, the afflicted -- let these be your God." Know that service to these alone is the highest religion.

Another truth I have realised is that altruistic service only is religion, the rest, such as ceremonial observances, are madness -- even it is wrong to hanker after one's own salvation. Liberation is only for him who gives up everything for others, whereas others who tax their brains day and night harping on "my salvation", "my salvation", wander about with their true well - being ruined, both present and prospective; and this I have seen many a time with my own eyes.

My ideal indeed can be put into a few words and that is: to preach unto mankind their divinity, and how to make it manifest in every movement of life.

That you may catch my fire, that you may be intensely sincere, that you may die the heroes' death on the field of battle -- is the constant prayer of Vivekananda.

Work unto death -- I am with you, and when I am gone, my spirit will work with you.

It may be that I shall find it good to get outside of my body -- to cast it off like a disused garment. But I shall not cease to work! I shall inspire men everywhere, until the world shall know that it is one with God.

~ Swami Vivekananda

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U are clever at the art of living.Admire you.

You are so right :-)

i give up

this is wonderful. feel free to check out some of my stories.

that is truly beautiful mate...i have lost a couple of extremely close people through them just not wanting to b here anymore..just wish they had a chance to read this then mayb things would have been different..thank you for sharing..

Thank you for sharing this well written story that inspires us to see the beauty in every day.

very nice!

beautifully written, something else i can relate too x

very good story

Wow, such a great outburst of hope!!!! Very passionate and very touching. I agree with your views 100%. Best of luck for a beautiful LIFE ahead!!!