Another Sad Story

Being a teenager everybody thinks me hating my mum is a phase no its not like that i actually hate her she never wanted me she has never even told me she loves me she tries to ruin everything.. She tells me these things. I wasnt aloud to talk to my parents when i was younger unless it was really inportant they set borders in our house where i couldnt pass. To make it worse my brother would bash me. Then for once i had something happy a little sister turns out she had a liver disease and she died a year and a week later.. It was so hard to go back to school because my teacher and great great grandma died that year too. I hated school i was always in the dumb class because i never got the help i needed and that is horrible that i didnt get that know that im still getting low grades in highschool.. I still cant stay in a friend group they all fight and ***** and i get stuck in the middle and im forced to mive groups all the time.. I cant stand being at home anymore my mum abuses me mentally same with my dad and my brother still hits me.. That isnt my whole story i always think about suicide i have novody there for me they all leave eventually why not get it over and done with now?
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1 Response Feb 9, 2013

No, it's not how it is meant to be. u can still make it..