Why do my suicides always fail. Can't I just die. Death is literally in my bedroom!!!
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Because it's not your time to die!!

You can only die when it's your time!!

So please stop!! You have so much to learn and to teach!! We each have times when we think I can't go on!! But tomorrow will come and it just might bring you a new horizon if you let it!!

So what is going on that is so bad ?? What is their in your life that needs to change!! What can I do or say to show you that your life is worth living!! That you do have a strong well to live! And that I'm here to talk to you to help

because its not your time. your so young, life is painful as hell. but that supposed to make us so much stronger. stop it

i hope that your feeling better, if you need to talk..

Well, fortunately they keep failing to keep you here. But, the bigger question is, why do u not want to be here

Because life sucks and it's been terrible for me. It's on one of my other posts it's too long to day in a comment

And so you're just assuming that the rest of your life (the majority of which you haven't even lived) is going to be equally as terrible? Next year could be the best one of your life, there's no way of knowing. Suicide is the option people choose when they mistakenly believe that nothing is ever going to change when in reality tomorrow everything could be different. If today is as bad as it could be, then things can only get better!

Coming from someone who was suicidal and decided to wait to see if things improved. They certainly did and I am so glad I never attempted anything!

Well it's just that yes maybe the bullies will leave me alone but I won't forget the two main reasons for my depression I really won't

Yes, other people is probably the worst reason to kill yourself I could possibly think of. People are completely temporary and will come in and out of your life like that. I don't even talk to anyone from my highschool anymore. I don't even remember half their names. The people who bullied me in elementary school? I don't even remember their faces. I could care less about them. People come and go like nothing, don't allow them to steal something so precious as your life. They don't deserve it.

I have no way of knowing what the other two things are, but if you have an experience about it I wouldn't mind checking it out. Or you can message me if you'd like. Your age is one of the most difficult times in life. (And definitely not one of the best times in life either! Nobody liked adolescence trust me, haha.)

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Hi I was just reading your post and just wanted to say I am going to pray for you because god loves you :)