For years I've just felt like I never really had anyone with me.... I feel alone.. And no one has my back....
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I understand that thought!!

And maybe you are miss reading things!! And maybe you are right!! If so in any case meet some new people develop new friends yes it takes time but believe me you can and well find one person that will have your back!!

Just remember that for them to have your back you have to have their!! So chose wisely!!

Well it sounds like you found what isn't the point of living. Now go out and raise he'll. Come back and tell us that you found out that there is no point to living,but having a real good time has a lot that can be said for it.

Sometimes I feel like that. But a lot of people are alone and have no one or feel that way. It's perspective I guess . Indulge in a new hobby... Dance draw write rock climb singing something where your part of a group. I recently joined exercise classes. Really help with the sense of belonging x

I know how you feel. I feel alone often too, but you need to stay strong, because you will find somebody very special.
Of that Iam sure.

I sure hope so and it's got nothing to do with finding a girlfriend or boyfriend it's just the feeling of not having anyone

I understand. If you ever feel lonely, you can write me if you want. Iam here for you.

There is always someone there where you least expect there to be...

I wish their was... I really do

Do you want to talk about it?

I wouldn't mind talking about it it's probably just something I need to work on on my own

Have you any family you can talk with about it?

None that would actually take me seriously

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