It's five days until my birthday,and my depression has got worse,I now have cuts all over my body compared to just my wrist,my anxiety levels have risen so much I feel like I can't even breathe,and my anger problems have worsened..

I've decided that in two or three days I'm going to commit suicide-overdose

I've already written a few letters to people to read once I have passed so they don't feel guilt and know that I wanted this.
I just wish this living **** didn't suck so much
unicornchild unicornchild
18-21, F
2 Responses Aug 21, 2014

Hon I pray that you haven't done what you said!!

Please mail me so we can talk!!!!!

Depression is very hard to deal with !! I will talk with you to help if I can!!

But please mail me

I sure hope you are feeling better than you did a couple if days ago. We all go through periods where living just seems to hurt too much. Dying seems to stop the pain, but like the cliché says, it is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. It breaks my heart to think that people and yourself would miss to see and experience all the great things that you are going to be a part of. Believe me, sucky moments and even long periods, eventually pass and you won't even remember why or how you felt so crappy. Hang in there. And talk. person, here, or wherever you prefer.