If I died, nothing special would happen. The world would still be exactly the same as it is except with one less person who will be replaced without anyone knowing.

I don't need sympathy, understanding or care. I just want someone who I can talk to and relate to instead of feeling that I am alone in this world.

I want someone to distract me so my time on earth will be as quick as possible because I'm excited for what the future holds for me.

But I know I can't that alone even if I wanted to.
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Well know if know if someone is replaced life is beautiful and **** doesn't happen over night you need to make yourself happy nobody else can do it but you idk what your going threw but you need to go through a storm before you reach the sunlight and it's a joy ride I have faith in you instead of looking at everything negative try and make it positive

so live and find out. Pray and help less fortunate people than you, feed them.

Pray to who? Myself?

Allow me to point out that Adolph Hitler and Mother Theresa are equally dead and buried. If being altruistic gives you satisfaction, go for it. But don't think it's going to earn you pie in the sky. This life is all we get! Enjoy it!

When I think about this kind of things, I usually end up thinking "What is God?". Please don't think I wanna convert you, no wololo here XD
You said you wanted someone to distract you, someone that you can relate to. A "God" is probably what most lonely people wanted. But if you are talking about real people and all that... don't worry about it, be what you are, respect others and you'll eventually get in a bubble with the friends you want.
Thinking about the point in life usually comes to me after I get mad at something, usually myself or the people. Try making something new, and I mean quite new. Hope I helped.

Hahaha. I don't think the loneliness has made me crazy enough to believe in a god.

God is a big word, man. I'm not talking about religion. You can call it science, Buhda, mother nature, but the thing is we humans tend to think of God at some point. I am an atheist, by the way, so don't take this as an offense. And yes, loneliness can make you crazy. I'm a lonely person myself, but sometimes doing something with other people feel better than just thinking about how everything is wrong. What do you think?

Sorry but I have to agree with podophile, "god" can kiss my ***.

God isn't a person, so it can't kiss... as far as I get to understand... I'm just telling you what I think because I was your age and I keep asking myself the question you made. You keep saying smart things but it is life what makes you grow, not words.

Do you really think I meant it literally?

No, I just know your young and really smart, that's all.

And that underscores my point. Don't turn to poorly defined "higher powers." There's only one who can solve your problems. Look in the mirror.

We are higher powers. Your perception of God is different and so your definition of the word, but I get what you mean.

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Complementary viewpoint: Learn to love your lonliness. I prefer being solitary, autonomous, self-reliant, and fiercely independent. No compromise, no quarrels, no violations of personal space. Consider that mode.

How boring.

How satisfying!