This is how the rest of my life will go:
-Graduate college
-Get a job
-Possibly meet someone
-Work until I die.
Even if I study abroad or meet my soulmate, I don't care. Even if I become the best person in my field. Even if I become a famous author. Even if I win the lottery. I don't care. I will have depression for the rest of my life- thats what bothers me when people say "Suicide is a permanent solution for a temporary problem." No, **** you. You don't know what depression is. I will live the rest of my life wanting to die. It's been FIVE years. How is that not permanent?? Screw off. I have no reason to keep going in life. I will live for my parents. When they die one day, I will kill myself. Until then, I'll suffer.
mysteryhatcat mysteryhatcat
18-21, F
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I live for my grandma, after her i don't know anymore

I live for others. It`s the only reason I'm still alive. I'm so tired of it.