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When I logged on after a few days lapse the name Belize was next to my age under my picture or logo. I've had a nasty computer virus on my laptop and have spent the last 2 days getting rid of it so it could have been doing something weird last time I was logged on. At first I thought what the heck is that? Do I have a different name? is that my last mood??? what is that? I checked my account and profile and everything was the same. I knew it was a country so I looked up Belize and now I want to go there. It sounds just great, just my speed. Strange huh? Maybe I'm  getting some kind of message here?
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5 Responses Jun 12, 2007

Starting a hidey hole to stash $ for my trip!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Belize... it calls you.... it wants you... beeerlize, go to Belize??

Go to Belize! I went there to do an archaeological dig! Maybe you were just meant to go there!:):) <br />
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ROFL! I saw that too the other day! And I thought: Where the heck is Belize! This person could be interresting!

And all this time I thought you were from Belize! I wanted to ask you about it and tonight I did in another post. LOL