Your Thoughts On law enforcement officers....

Someone said something the other day that got me to thinking.

I am wondering about other peoples experiences with law enforcement.

How do you feel you were treated during your experiences?

If you haven't had any experiences, what is your overall opinion of the police in your city, state, town or county?

Basically what is your opinion of law enforcement officers and why do you feel the way you do?

I really am courious to know your opinions...

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I think it depends on the city that you are in, some cities the police have a reputation as just plain being *** holes. I tend to think that if you move into a new city that you have never been in. So you know you have never had any contact with the law enforcement there. You should form your own opinion. Like any job, you have the good ones and the bad ones. It is the union yang theory to keep everything in balance, most of the time you hear about the bad stories. Why, because the media likes it and they will milk it for every drop of milk they can get out of it. Very rarely do you hear the good stories. Just sit back one time when you are listening to the news from the very beginning, and see how the address each issue and write down how are placed in order. Usually it goes something like this one murderers, two robberies three a bad accident for extremely bad weather, and so on. The bottom line, there are good cops and there are bad cops. One just needs to learn how to navigate and stay between the lines

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They have just lowered the legal drinking limit in Ontario where I live to basically anything more than 1 drink and you are over. Our sales guy told me that his son in law who is a cop had no problem coming over the other day, drinking ten beers then getting in his cruiser to drive home. <br />
I used to live a block away from the police station in my area. I also happened to live on the main street. I would often see the police cars screaming by with their lights on only to turn them off when they got within view of the police station. Their were speeding to make it to the station before 11:00 and their end of shift. I'm sure there are good cops and bad cops and I'm sure that there are some like the ones I mentioned that abuse their position. They are in a position of public trust paid for by public funds. As such their behavior should be exemplary.<br />
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How are you doing by the way my friend? I've missed you.

Another comment from May Berry. lol joking...

I've never had any bad experiences with law enforcement officers they were just doing their job. Most of them are very nice and polite. That is what they do to earn their salary they keep the peace.

I believe you when you say the lady folk is something special, I have had the privilege of meeting some awesome ones here.

I haven't had much official contact with law enforcement, but one below zero day in a blizzard in January my car caught fire under the seat on an interstate highway. We stood on the side of the road for an hour waiting for the fire department who never came. They went the wrong way and decided it was a prank call. We were frozen to nearly to death and I was never as happy to see anyone as I was the state trooper who finally spotted us.<br />
He put us in the back of the cruiser so we could get warm. He called the fire department again and got them there. He arranged a tow truck. He was terrific.<br />
It was pretty freaky sitting in the back of the cruiser, though, and realizing there were no door handles and we couldn't get out if we wanted to until he opened the door!

And the women are all beautiful here. <br />
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Glad to be in the neighborhood, nice people here :)

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I am afraid that my opinion would be a teeny weeny bit biased. hehehe

Great comment Leonie.

There is no love lost between me and the Garda Siochana ( irish cops) or cops in general..I have had a few run ins wi the law and thought no more of it but then a couple of years ago my best friend was killed by an off duty Garda and he got away wi it...I do know a few Garda personally and they've been notin but nice but its hard not to tar them all wi the one feather

I have read that and you are correct. : )

If you read Stephen King's Dark Tower series he describes police officers as gunslingers.

Heck yeah! I am in love with Clint Eastwood so i would be Clint ... Have you noticed even old he is a hottie ? lol

You would be a gunslinger then. lol

YES! Controlling my temper and using it properly is the problem :)

Makes you miss the wild west sometimes....

I don't think you are wrong , i have seen some horrible injustice . The police surrounded them last night and told them to quit ...the thing is they said these people where high on methamphetamine and that isn't illegal? Terrorizing phone calls, crawling all over my house in the night ? Illegal ? I have contacted the proper authority and i am smart enough to know when they are not doing the right thing and who to turn them into. They wonder why people handle it there selves.

I was really expecting more negativity in the comments of this post. Maybe my thoughts are a bit wrong on this subject.

Where i live there are two that respond normally i request one department over the other . Years ago i was in a bar ( under age) and hit on by an officer when he wouldn't stop i told him " You are old enough to be my father" insert foot ! For years he would pull me over for no reason, give me tickets for snow emergency routes in August etc... When i needed protection (OFP) he was friends with my stalker and would give him rides to terrorize me until i called victims rights. I have many other situations where the police have been great , currently it is my son and his past haunting us again an OFP has been suggested ... I am sorry but if someone really is obsessed with harming you a piece of paper telling them not to ... is like poking the bear.

I think being a policeman has to be one of the loneliest jobs on Earth. Nearly everyone is on guard around you, and most people dislike their presence, even though they expect them to be everywhere immediately if there's trouble. It's largely a thankless job, and because the majority of citizens don't like being around "pigs" it tends to be a very insular society. That is why cops form such strong bonds with each other. That is where the majority of their friendships reside. <br />
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Everyone loves firemen, but the general population have fear or resentment for cops.

I see a police service in Northern Ireland that has changed its demographic to include abetter cross section of the commuity and also a greater number of female members. One of their statements is to police communities with consent. They have introduced programmes such as fighting hate crime and youth diversion programmes that try to move away from simply grabbing bad guys and putting them in jail. there are times when they get it wrong but compared with what I knew of the police force of 20 years ago they have improved dramatically. I have also experienced the police in Spain and in Italy and the fascist past of those two countries is still evident in the way they approach their job.

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I'm glad you live in such a place. : )

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