Hopeful Dbt Therapy Will Help Me Improve My Life.

I have been back in therapy for about 3 months,and back on medication.I'm actually takng my medication regularly now because it does not "Zombie Me Out" or change my personality,it seems to be the right mix for me. {Finally}

I see my Therapist weekly and go to a DBT group weekly also.I am actually hopeful now realizing I can learn new skills to help me "Regulate my Emotions" and new ways to cope by learning "Distress Tolerence" and new ways to interact by learning "Interpersonal Effectiveness Skills".

So I finally feel like I can DO something to stop my challenges {BP BPD PTSD ADHD} from causing me to live a rollercoaster of chaos,pain,lonliness and isolation.

It is alot of work and group is new for me and I'm struggling with it,but the logic of it makes sense .If I can learn learn to manage my emotions,reactions and behaviors to have a "LIFE WORTH LIVING" then I'm willing to do the work.

I'm a 43 year old single female,never married and no children.I have suffered my whole life and felt like "I'm just crazy" and there was nothing I could do to change it.

Well I may still "Be Crazy" but I can learn different ways to interact with this life to make it more JOYOUS and not so Painful.{I Hope}SOLOANGEL

36-40, F
Apr 14, 2007