Ive Made So Much Progress Over the Past Yr and a Half

When i moved back here from Kenwood i was a wreck . I had just been  released from the psych unit in a cincinnati hospital for  depression and suicidal ideation ...  i  left my husband and moved back in with my mom ...  i weighed  82 lbs barely ate because i didnt wanna gain weight . That was one of my prereq's to even be released from the hospital .  i had to eat and drink my shakes . I got in with this treatment group  named transitional living Corp .They literally saved my life . When i first went there i was in group therapy two full days a week . individual  once a week and nurse meeting weekly . after four months there i ended up in their apartment program . due to a severe depression .  i left  two months  later an almost new person .  i stopped group therapy . that summer and went back in over the winter months to keep my self from being isolated . And now im out of group therapy again . I have a new case manager .. and i see my therapist every two weeks .. Hopefully graduating from individual  in four months .  I have made so much  progress and it is all because my treatment team  is so thorough and sometimes they are hard on me .. but i know its because they expect certain things from me because they know im stronger than i give myself credit for .. and i love each and everyone of them ...
starstruck2xtrme starstruck2xtrme
26-30, F
May 16, 2007