Losing Weight After My Best Friend Commited Suicide Unexpectedly

Hello everyone I hope everyone achieves their goal ! I am 25 and this is the 3rd time around im losing weight. june 15th 2011one of my closest friends Yadira hung herself from her own closet door with her sheets. Now this was the LAST person in the world i thought would do this, she had been ignoring my calls for about 6 months and since i was working and time flies i just thought she was busy but her twin sister ( which is also part of my small group pf close friends) would say  she s just really busy. we were friends since we were 12  yr old and studied in a music school from 7 am to 5 30 pm so you can imagine how close we were. This has been the hardest death to accept becuz it seems so out of the blue. I had just lost 42 punds and by january 2012 i was 172lbs the heaviest and the fastest weight gain ive had. This time i decided to get the problem out by the root - emotional eating, i have found other things to do rather than try to ignore the pain by eating my favorite icecream, was has  been working for me is to not bottle ion feelings but find a heathy way to express them  and its actually help me w my food craving and even though i am not losing weight as fast as id like  i have not regained it. I am now 152lbs  whixh is still overweight for a 5'1 latina  but i believe around december ill reach my goal.im looking for support buddies, ideas, suggestions etc 
silenciosa115 silenciosa115
26-30, F
May 23, 2012