Some things are just not for us! We have to be able to recognize what is good for us and what isn't IM AM RESPONSIBLE FOR HOW MY LIFE TURNS OUT I AM RESPONSIBLE FOR LOVING MYSELF I've decided that I'm going to start because really I'm not all bad I have good **** with me like every other living bleeding human being I TREET MYSELF LIKE **** so expecting anything different from others is insane I how can I sit and say I want love when I don't even give it to myself? I out EVERYONE before myself I realized I don't love myself AND THAT IS CRAZY I'm so worried about being mistreated cheated on and lied to that I DO IT ALL TO MYSELF and I wasn't even aware I'm gonna start back taking care of ME and loving myself MORE than I will ever love anyone else! I will compliment myself respect myself care for and love myself maybe then I will feel complete because there is no way how somebody else feels about me SHOULD CONTROL MY SELF WORTH with tht I've also gotta let go the hate I've built for certain people I've got to let it be okay that they hurt me and just move on I don't need closure I don't need anyone to love me but my seeds and myself god said give it to him and I have faith he will personally punish those who weaken me hurt me and humiliate me those who purposefully try to kill my spirit and blow my light out I've got to keep it shining to blind those who wish to break me TONIGHT IS NIGHT ONE and I've got every nite for the rest if my life to correct it so I'm going to!
karlakashes karlakashes
31-35, F
1 Response Aug 30, 2014

Im so proud of you, you don't even know. This is music to my ears that you finally realized what you should mean to yourself. Continue on this path of greatness and ill see you where the grass is greener.

Thank you! It means the most coming from you! And the craziest thing is, it was the right stranger who helped me figure all this out! He should really pat himself in the back too! ; )