A Fresh Start...

If you are reading this today I am going to assume that due to some kind of hardship or traumatic experience you too are left picking up the pieces of what used to be your life and are now carefully and painstakingly putting those pieces back together.  I am restarting, once again, after a failed marriage that pretty much destroyed everything I had worked so hard for during the preceding 11 years. I woke up and realized, "WOW where has everything gone? Where have I gone?." It is so easy to lose yourself and your goals when life takes over. Before my marriage I was a single mom devoted to my child, work and my family. I worked very hard everyday to reach my goals, goals which i had set very early in my life. Then I met my husband. Over the course of 4 years he managed to destroy everything. It was an abusive relationship and in the end I was just doing my best to survive. But now that I have finally escaped and am free again, free to think on my own, free to feel my own feelings...I am starting the gruesome task of rebuilding myself.I am a strong person and I know that I can not only conquer this challenge but I will come out on top and better than ever! What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger...take those words to heart. You are stronger than you ever knew you could be!

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it's a nice anaolgy amy... one i really get.<br />
you'll make it. i'm here to testify GF.<br />
<br />
~ bless ~

Lord is it ever scary! I find myself always second guessing myself. It almost feels like walking on hot coals...tread lightly, move swiftly, but dont mess up or your ship is sunk!

I could have written much of this story going thru my own marital break up (a 17 yr relationship) just last year. On the one hand it's wonderfully exciting to start with a clean slate, your whole life before you. You are a canvass yet to be painted by the colors of your own choosing... aint it cool?!<BR>But on the other hand, it's effin' scary as hell.<BR><BR>I sure hope you have good support systems in place; especially with that baby on the way. Don't forget your EP mates are with you chicka pea