Seat of Consciousness

So while meditating yesterday, I noticed an odd sensation, like I was being lifted up inside myself. It felt like my consciousness had been centered inside my belly and was being lifted up toward my mind and crown chakras (presumably the healthiest place).

This experience builds off two previous ones: first, years ago, I was meditating and had the sensation that I was my stomach and my body was my housing, instead of my body being housed in my room.  Second, my friend who uses meditation techniques as part of hypnotherapy commented that my base line emotional state was actually quite low, and it was only through continual spiritual practice that I had been able to keep it elevated.

This led me to speculate that consciousness gravitates towards specific chakrahs, and the state and mental health of the individual is largely related to how high their consciousness sits inside their body.  Has anybody read anything which agrees with this theory?

Learning to focus your consciousness on a specific point on your body (your nose, hair, hands, etc.) is a common meditation technique, but finding out from where it originates takes considerably more discernment.  I'm going to try to pay more attention to this as I cycle my consciousness through each part of my body.


Honir Honir
26-30, M
1 Response Dec 3, 2008

just wondering....did you feel any sensation of vibrating? Like as if your body is vibrating and you hear some sort of ringing noise.