I never invested much faith in energies and chakra's due to my upbringing, however I have very much lived to see the opposite of that occuring in my life. 

I have known a number of natural healers and through one in particular, am aware that it is an ability that exists within us all, that we can all tap into in that energy is around us all and within the earth, and in learning to discipline and direct that we can heal one another in ways.

I have felt the warm energies in which someone is in pain just above the point the pain is, prior to them telling me of it, I have felt a tingle as i have set my hand on the headache of a loved one, closed my eyes and used it as a way to comfort and to bring out the pain from them.

I have much studying to do in this area, and much learning to develop, it is something that inspires my mind, to think that we have what is within us to heal ourselves.

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2 Responses Jan 25, 2009

hello friend! i think you'd really enjoy and benefit from Reiki. it's an amazing gift.

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