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Sahasrara-(Purple) Above head 

Ajna- (Indigo) Forehead/3rd Eye area

Vishuddha- (Blue) Throat

Anahata- (Green) Heart

Manipura- (Yellow) In solar plexus

Svadhisthana- (Orange) abdominal area

Muladhara- (Red) baseline of spine, crouch area



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6 Responses Apr 2, 2009

There are different kinds of beings who can enter your dreams and... one type wants to play with you, make you nightmares and wont let you wake up, other type, for example, wants to lure you into their reality for supply of your energy... you may not be able to leave anymore.<br><br />
Seeing them, specially the ones who want to play with you, is not very common but i have seen both of them. People who activate themselves will definitely see them one day(night)... you just have to be stronger than them, stronger on will.<br />
There are other types too but they are not so dangerous... some of them just want to help you or talk.

funny....was just reading a few days ago about learning how to lucid dream.....someone i know had talked to me about lucid confused about the ones you talk about that want to draw you in to supply them with energy that they need. he kept trying to get me to try.....take me with you hed say....take him with me to my dreams.....every night hed say this......was he up to no good? or was it he just wanted to feel close. im alarmed because he had been sick and weak.....tired and sleeping lots. Also he described one dream i had with him in it.....well was more like a mascot.....but he told me what it was......i was so scared and messed up by what he said......but i wouldnt admit to having the dream=( Also....which is even ended up with a medical condition i have.....and i with one he this a coincidence or a result of his lucid dreaming. we seemed really connected.....almost too much so....he would talk often of being soulmates etc.....i didnt dream again about him until after we had fought......and were barely all seemed so real and day he texted me something that would explain the dream i had. this stuff really is messing up my head......please write back and explain some stuff to me. I believe we have many abilities.....that most of us do not tap into. ive had many strange things happen to me throughout my life.... unexplainable.....depending on the day i either try to convince myself they were nothing....i am crazy whatnot....other days i think i have some strange ability that i would like to expand on....practice and make stronger. I believe also that we happen on stuff when we need to know it....nothing happens by accident. im not sure how i even ended up reading this story today and at your response to it......started out just reading confesions and ended up here. Crazy....not so sure anymore....please write me back!

Thank you so much for your recommendations. I will look into them!<br />
What did you mean by the "inorganic " beings who want energy exchange of information?<br />
<br />
I do not depend on human/animal representation figures in my dreams. I discovered how unreliable they are a long time ago through humorous situations.

:)<br />
The practice called dreamseeing or lucid dreaming. During sleep, for you to be able to be aware of a dream and to be able to do things there you need to use your chakras and by trying to do stuff in your dreams also activates your chakras.<br />
There are several books about lucid dreaming, though the direction where they are heading is <b>no good</b>, you can still get useful techniques form them. If you are really serious with activating the whole self and to do it the best way possible then I would <b>strongly</b> recommend to read Vladimir Megre books, starting from book one called "Anastasia". To get techniques and direct information, you can use Carlos Castaneda book series for that...<br />
The others for specifically for women are:<br />
Taisha Abelar - The Sorcerers' Crossing<br />
and<br />
Florinda Donner-Grau - Being In Dreaming<br />
Haven't read them through but since women and men are very different in lucid dreaming you can try to read books for women :)<br />
<br />
Some beginning tips:<br />
First tip would be not to get depended on persons/beings who "help" you in your lucid dreams. They are probably inorganic beings and they are like salesperson who want your energy exchange of information and... well something a little worse. But important thing is to not get depended on them and don't do something in a lucid dream that you don't want to do, your instincts are usually right there. Then you will be safe :)<br />
<br />
In those books (except Megre) they teach people to lucid dream with inorganic beings but i <b>strongly</b> recommend that you would do all the tips and lessons there <b>without inorganic beings</b>. It can be done, though it may be a little harder but i know it can be done, i'm doing it :)<br />
<br />
Good luck!!! Feel free to contact me if you need to talk :)

Yes! Defiantly!

If you are really interested in opening chakras then there is couple of books... or practice, if you will, that i can recommend to you :)

Ohhhh, Indigo. I was confused about the crown and third eye. Thank you many!