First Step

Yesterday was just an ordinary day. I did not dread it. It was around 7pm and I got on the bus and went shopping. The sky was filled with dark clouds and pieces of sunset. The air was moist and "beachy". I was calm and content buying groceries. I happen to look in the jewelry section of the 99 cent only store an saw a beautiful necklace. It was unsual because it didn't seem like anything that I'd buy. It was white (and I strongly dislike the color white). And it had a rose and a heart on it, with the words "Live Life" writen on it. I bought it. This was so weird because from my teens to early twenties I was an "anti-life" person. This was a break-through for me because I never thought I would adore such a positive item. Whenever I go out or start thinking I look at my "Live Life" necklace as inspirational reminder.

LovelessDeluxe LovelessDeluxe
Sep 14, 2011