These past 2 years I have felt so dead inside.  I do not know if it is the fear of getting older, what I gave with my family and have nothing in return or just the feeling of being let down, and used.

But I have set some goals for myself this week and I am going to try to accomplish them.  They are just simple goals to help me feel alive again, get more energy and more happiness into my heart

I want to start being more grateful for what I have, start exercising more, go out and get some more sunshine on my face, make myself look better and start reading more.  It is going to take time and lots of work but Im hoping by summer I will feel alive inside and start enjoying my life again.

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Thanks and your right exercise does make you feel better :)

i know you will succeed if you stick to your plan...especially the exercising part. it pumps me up & just makes you enjoy everything in life so much more:)

Oh my was like you were in my mind. I was sick back in Feb. and couldn't eat. So I lost a little bit of weight(I need to lose over 50Lbs). So I decided I have been heavy for the past 15-20yrs time to get going. I have now lost 30 lbs and I put on makeup almost every day now...something I never did. i try to either take a walk to get the sunshine on me or I exercise almost every day. Just went to the library and got some books out and read them in 2 days. It was difficult at first to do all these things(except for the reading) but am glad I have started to take care of me for once. I am so excited and feel so good. Still have a ways to go. So if I can do it you can do it! Just remember it is for you and you deserve it! Would love to support you in obtaining the new you!


you read my mind

Im here if you need me *hugs*