Silent Love

that night we met you told me that you've asked Godto give you that someone special..
I remember how scared i was of losing you the night you told me you wanted to play me a song.. but it was only "my baby's got blue eyes"
I remember especially your eyes..your smile..the way you used to touch the tip of your nose..
there are so many things I remember 'bout first love..
And the day came when you told me that you think we've met too early..
And I told you that you will never find another woman who would love you the way i do..
Now, after two decades i still believe in your words..
I guess that I haven't forgotten, not even moving far away could erase the love i still feel for you..
It doesn't hurt anymore..not even when you got married..
You getting divorced made me think 'bout my words again..
Just maybe, I thought we were really meant to be..
And it didn't hurt when you found someone new..
'Cause I wish you all the love and happiness in the world..
My love for you is a silent love..
And you know what, I can and will live with it..maybe cause i never see you..
And I don't want to..then your words might come true..
But the fact is that I love you still..
An Ep User An EP User
Jan 18, 2013