My Hollywood Dream

So I've have been secretly working on a dream of mine which is to write a script for a movie.......not just any kind of movie but a blockbuster movie.a sensational hit...a mega movie.....a multi oscar winning movie.

I had finally finished my script and headed out to Hollywood last week.

The title of my movie is Teenage Mutant Ninja Squirrels..

Yes Yes...I know....there's currently a movie about Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, but my movie is completely different: it's about squirrels instead.

I figured that there was already a smash hit movie about Chipmunks....soooooo, why not squirrels.

I left hundreds of scripts with every agency in Hollywood.......I have a good feeling my phone is gonna be ring-ding-a-linging pretty soon!!!!!!
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7 Responses Sep 10, 2012

I feel you, I'm just a squirrel scratching in the dirt trying to get a nut in the world.

It's about time someone gave us credibility.

Lmfao I believe in you. Make it happen! :D God it would be hilarious if you parodied turkeys instead of squirrels XD

turkeys?...damn!!,,,we're talkin sequel!!...oh yeah baby!!!


you so know how to woo the ladies.... with your bunnies and your squirrels..... RUN ITS A TRAP GALS

Keep on dreaming..those squirrels will hit the big time eventually...if they don't chew all your wires first! :)

I`m talkin the 6th dimension beyond our worldly imagination.

I`m sorry but if I had your #, I would not call you and besides I am working on 2 mega screen plays in the works.

Oh c'mon......gotta look at the big picture......I'm talkin 4D baby!!!...yeah!!!

lol! My *real* dream is to write the next great American novel. No joke. I want to impact the literary community.

And THE WORLD!!! :)

Go for it!!! your dream.....never say never :)