Or I Want to Anyways

I feel halted ... and i know its because ive lost my focus .. and seem to have put everything on hold ...  I'm staying up late and im not doing anything but  sitting here and cleaning up ... thats about it ... I need to get my focus back and start working on my self again .... but i dont know how ...
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2 Responses Jun 29, 2007

I'm in the same position. But I think I will get on with it. The key for me is to focus on the one thing that is most important to me above all other things. After all, that's what should be guiding one's dreams in the first place :)

In my spare time I read articles on here:<br />
<br />
http://zenhabits.net/2007/03/discipline-is-illusion-motivate/<br />
<br />
At least the link is a good one.