Ep After Time

I am shure many remember this from a movie...like onions.layers.
This web site to me is like that.Its a onion.I learned how to add friends.I now have 3 awesome friends.They read my stuff and send messages.What a happy girl I am! I was happy when I first started and found that I could post things and nobody would know who posted it.I was thrilled to learn people here are not mean.Everyone here is for each other and about holding each other up.I went thew hell and too EP with me to make it better.This really is my bandage.I can have a crap day and lay it out on the table here.Then many people read it and tell me their thoughts and prayers for me.If the world outside the box was like it is here on EP this would be one awesome place.Dont you agree?This is one place thats so easy to work on me and know from other who have done the same if its a good plan or a bad one.
LadyTexas LadyTexas
26-30, F
Jul 29, 2010