So I have always been a fan of them.  I have read many.  Lately, living in a small town, I never see any zines anymore.  As a matter of fact, as blog culture rises, all forms of print media loses readers.   Well, I, being a proud owner of a blog with multiple contributors, figured "Why not get these entries and make a zine." 

Why though!?  Isn't that a huge step backwards? 

Yes, but I wanna make an impact.  I want to change the mentality of the youth of my town.  It's practically an insurmontable task to take on, considering that teens and burgeoning young adults think they freaking know everything!  I should know!  I was one once.

Kids dont read the newspaper and they don't care about politics,


there's something about that subversive black and white Xerox imagery that makes kids want to read.  All the ideas about our culture and society in this **** town can come to light for the first time in their eyes, in a cleverly packaged format that is free to anyone.

In an effort to promote it, I have organized a DIY art and music event  this Friday where the zine will be debuted! 

Here's hoping I can make some sort of impact. 
moshimoshi moshimoshi
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2 Responses Jul 11, 2010

Hey! :D Thanks! *crosses fingers*

Go Moshi! I hope you make an impact.