Finally On The Right Path

iv struggled since childhood to understand myself and life and find my way,been through abuse breakdown, illness and mental health issues,had counselling,hypnotherapy,ect ect and then 3 years ago i collapesed completely couldnt stand or walk,finally diagnosed with m.e. spent 6 months off work feeling this had happened for a reason,a message from god maybe,in that time i found spiritualism and finally finally everything in my life made sense,the way i had always felt different,the tough times suddenly made sense as the lessons i needed to learn,the more i read and researched the clearer it became,i found meditation and now i know why im here,god knows life is still hard and i still have problems but there is a peace at my centre now and i know i am here to learn lessons and progress and become a better not there yet i still get cross wih my kids and ***** about my boss at work but im working on it and i believe now that there is a method in the madness of this world.

annaleestarr annaleestarr
46-50, F
Feb 20, 2010