Weve been fighting consrantly and still nothing. you tell me you need change and honestly i cant do that for you. im working on myself and it doesnt help that you cant see what im going through. Im begining to feel that wedge between us and honsetly im begining not to care anymore, because its been there for a long while now. I dont want to feel as though I have to change to keep you. I need to find a reason to love myself. Being with you doesnt help me do that. Im trying to change my out look on like and its working yet you dont like my methods and to tell the truth you can suck my d**k because ive told you this countless of times. you can love me for my flaws then move the hell on. I have my own demons to work through and you add fuel to my fire not my drive. im working on me so i wont have the urge to kill you. thank you.
xlovelyxdarknessx xlovelyxdarknessx
22-25, F
Aug 9, 2010