Self Reflection

I am dealing with a very big loss...well to me it is big..
during this time I am trying to reflect upon myself and change the things I need to change to better myself...
I have been realizing what I have been doing wrong in relationships even though my partners would tell me....I would just take it as b*tching and nagging....but now that I have been studying myself I have realized these things were true...
I guess when some of us are in relationships we fail to "listen"...we may "hear" what they say but we don't listen!
As I have been studying and I am learning alot about myself which is good...I have also realized these what a failure I was and have been...
I have realized that in all my relationships I have actually set myself up for failure because I have felt as though I was going to be cheated on and lied to....I set the stage with negativity!
"What if" I would have invested as much time and trouble into believing that those things were not going to happen and was positive..
I will get myself fix...I will do the right things....I will do this for me
SingleDad40 SingleDad40
46-50, M
2 Responses Mar 11, 2012

Its never too late to make changes in your life. Sticking with it when in your next relationship may be difficult, its easier to slip back than to truly change. I wish you luck

Thank you

God bless your endeavors & your public confession of repentance!