Can Barely Manage Going Down All 45 Floors

My chief sporting activity is swimming and living in this big and expensive city is not really helpful. Back in my hometown, I could go swimming at the beach practically everyday.

Here, only from the office (which is located on the highest floor in the tallest building in the city) can I see all the way to the nearest body of water. Which is a very dirty seaside.

Speaking of tall building. We had a fire drill this morning and it was my first time since I moved to this company. (Before, my office building - if it can even be called a building - has only 4 floors.) I can barely run around the block so you can imagine what it was for me to walk down the stairs from 45th floor.

Friends would jokingly tease me about eating the way that I do and yet manage to stay on average weight and I would secretly feel grateful that it is true. But as I age (God, it's not easy to say THAT!) I know that managing to stay proportionate physically is not enough.

Need to be healthy and fit! I should really go back to swimming regularly.

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RA-RA-RA, BOOM, SIS BOOM BAR, IF june1999 can't do it, no body can,YEA june1999-YEA june1999. How is that? Have you joined the challenge group? That might help. In the mean time I'll try to help-<br />
RA-RA-RA, BOOM, SIS BOOM BAR, IF june1999 can't do it, no body can,YEA june1999-YEA june1999...DD

this is a nice story- hope you achieve your goals!

Yep, walking should be convenient. My neighborhood has nice streets - with lots of trees and not too much traffic.<br />
<br />
Will the two of you be my cheerleaders? :)

Get the habit and you will be OK. I used to swim every other morning and once it became a habit I was happy to be doing it...Best of luck...DD