So Worried

I am waiting ANXIOUSLY for the responses.


I applied to 8 schools or so. And damn I haven't heard back from ANY! haha that's because I submitted them all like last week xD

It's odd to think a letter will determine what the next four years of my life will be like. It's stressful. I try not to think of it.

Grade wise and in regards to extracurricular activities I did okay, but my ACT and SAT scores were crap.

In comparison to me peers I feel way too average, and don't really "sitck out" >.>
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Aww well at least you're making the effort! :)<br />
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I know plenty of people who live in the U.S. who aren't going to college because they came from another country and have to work on improving their English skills and such. And I also know many people who took a break after high school and are raising their young kids before they go back to college. I think everyone has different goals and different ways of going about them :)

Yeah, I am working on that as well, I am just so damn indecisive, you know?<br />
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And thanks, I'll try not too!

Ahhhh nice! Well definitely concentrate your efforts on figuring out what you want to do career-wise, since you've done the testing and applying. And this is in addition to still making the grades and financially planning for college. <br />
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Whatever you do though, try not to stress out over it.

Thanks.<br />
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And I am not completely sure yet. Psychology or English

Don't worry. You'll get in just fine. Which major are you interested in?

That is very true

Thanks Serabi! :D

Oh ****! I keep forgettin about the act/sats ****! lol<br />
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Hippie no worries! You got this! I know it!

Honestly, applying for college is a pain in the assss

I'm dreading applying for college. I've taken the PSAT twice and haven't done well at all...

Nomac you better leave her alone. Seriously guapo you can't go attacking people. That's not cool.<br />
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And I know I do worry a lot :/

it was crap >.< Well I did REALLY well on some sections and got nearly perfect scores but then I did not do good AT ALL on some others D: my composite wasn't even that high :'(<br />
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Yeah I hope it does help! Because that's all I have going for me.