Who's to say what would get me in? Should I do more extracurriculars? Take another AP class? Do something else outside of school? How the hell am I supposed to know?
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also depends on what year you are and what kind of college you're<br />
striving for. If you want to go to college, period than just get good<br />
grades and you're set. If you want to go to a highly selective<br />
university then if you're a freshman, start joining organizations early<br />
(if you have time and can keep your grades up) that way you can earn<br />
exec positions later on which provide proof that you were actively<br />
involved in the organization and also show leadership qualities as well<br />
as the fact that people elected you to a position of authority. Be<br />
involved in multiple areas of life, the arts, a sport, the yearbook or<br />
newspaper...volunteering...honor societies...and take some college<br />
credit or AP courses and you'll be set :)<br />
<br />
oh yeah and study for the ACT or SAT, whichever you take.

Yes, and check out all the planning stuff at, and go and see your college advisor at your school :D It also depends where you're aiming :)

Quality over quantity. DO what you love <br />
and it will show on your application :-)