They Will Have To Write Worrier On My Coffin And Grave Stone

I am just one of these natural born worriers ... I find things to worry about

I can spend a lot of my engery ... all that nervous energy on worry

I worried over university papers ... every single day I had to submit a paper the fear and worry was in me

I worried with unemployment and in work

I worried the boss did not like that my work was not good enough

I worried that I would not make the grades

I worried I was gonna get ill

I worry about money and the future all the time

I worry about my health a hell of a lot

I worry about jobs and the repairs that need doing on this house

I worry a great deal about my cats health

I worry about my family, my parents,  and my sister

I worry about my emotional state and if I am normal

I worry about all the headaches I have

I can not stop worrying

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36-40, F
May 16, 2012