At 29 I figured that I would have my life pretty much on track, but nothing could be further from the truth. I am stuck, paralized by an overwhelming fear of failure. I am a very intelligent and driven woman, but I still cant get over the fear that if I commit to a certain path that I wont fail. I know alot of this comes from the past, having tried my hardest only to come up inches short. But be it an inch or a mile, if you fall short game over. My live is stagnant, going nowhere and I need help finding my way out of this fog!

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Thanks for the kind words, I will try to think of that daily.

One of the beauties of being human is that we err. Perfection is a relative state that truly does not exist in any form other than in concept. The tragedy does not lie in making mistakes and failing. It lies in not learning from our failures and not being able to overcome them.