One of These Days All Those Years of Sunburns Will Catch Up With Me...

Over the years I've had more sunburns than I could possibly count.   There were mornings I'd wake up and my shoulders were still on the pillow when I got up.  I always knew it wasn't good - aside from the blisters and the pain - but it wasn't until later in life that I realized just how bad it could be for you.

I grew up a short-drive from the beach and spend almost all of my childhood in the sun.  I was a part of that in-between generation that at least didn't use oil to get a darker tan, but never got around to using sunscreen.  My family worshiped the sun, yet I never quite got the knack for building up a proper base tan.  Now my back looks like a leopard skin or a negative of the night sky.

Before I met my wife, I never gave it a second thought.  Once I met her, I realized how I don't want to ever miss a moment & want life to go on as long as possible.  I eat right (mostly), exercise regularly, and don't drive like Mario Andretti anymore (no accidents with >250K miles under my belt, knock on wood). 

Now with a baby on the way, I'm getting almost obsessed with doing my monthly mole checks.  The last thing I want is something as curable as Melanoma to take me out (99% survival rate if you catch it right away) and keep me from watching my baby grow up.

He/she will definitely be joining her/his mom & dad in slathering on SPF Mud before going out. 
31-35, M
Feb 16, 2007