He Dosen't Believe I Can Worry, But I Do.

My best friend and I have known each other for a very long time. He lives in the same community as me and many of my other close friends. He helps watch me when I need it. I have Narcassitic rage and he helps me stay calm. He has been there for me the most out of all of my friends and works hard at his daily job.

Like me and most of my friends in my community, he has some issues. Albeit one of the most normal one of us, he has an obsession with the army. He and a couple of others in my group have served they"re share of terms on the battlefront, but him the most and the longest.

The things he has seen has lead him to have what I believe is PTSD (Post traumatic stress disorder.) He is constantly wearing military outfits, or camo. Some times discretly, other time full blown outfit complete with hat and medals. He refuses to wear other clothing, and as a result I beleive he only harms himself more.

The toughs time are when we happen to be near a loud noise or a rumbling. While to some, or most, he may just seem as though he is hyperly skipping away from the area while humming a lazy tune, I know he is truthfully terrified. Another example, My friend adopted a young girl who's mother left her a few years back and now happily takes care of her and is perhaps one of the best fathers ever. But when his daughter cries, it leads him to frantically running all over the place. Later, after she has clamed you might see him taking a large sleeping pill and heading to bed to rest off the stress.

He believes I see none of this. As I am a Narcassist, and only see myslef. But I do see it, and for some odd reason, (And a breakthough to my therepist) I care.
Pertence Pertence
18-21, M
Nov 29, 2012