My dad just walked in on me and found out what i was doing (writing on this site). he hates me. i know i am a mistake when i look into his eyes. just some stupid little kid who'd never been intended on. he grabs me, then keeps punching me in the stomach 15-16 times. he smells drunk. i barely have time to cough up blood before he slam dunks my head into the tiles my bathroom, he kicks me a few times, and calls me ******. I start screaming. he pulls down his trousers and i start to worry. my father is about to rape me. thats a first. he is about to grab me when my sisters boyf liam comes in and smacks dad round the head with a bottle. my sis must have heard and called him. at least someone cares. i wait till liams back is turned befored i pull out my razor and start carving useless on my collar bone. liam understands how i feel, and doesn't try to stop me. he invites me to stay at his. i accept. i'm in the car right now, and marley ( liams younger sister) is writng this for me cos i can't stop crying.

Marley here. Jared doesn't know that i'm on his account, but i need help. pls try to change his mind about suicide!
Lots of love marley<3 (:
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Someone please call child protective services. This is abuse and unacceptable!

The best way to get back at some one is to learn to love yourself and live a good life. Thanks for posting Marley.

hey , jared now. marls says thanks, i say impossible

how do you love a worthless piece of ****?

Well, step one is to stop labeling yourself as being a worthless piece of ****. For starters, someone cared enough about you to post on your behalf. No matter how worthless life makes you feel sometimes, there are always people that care about you. And it's because they love a bunch of little qualities about you that you don't know about and value. When you start to understand these qualities in yourself, you can begin to understand why people love you and hopefully you can learn to love yourself. That being said, loving yourself should be something you strive to do yourself, and not rely on others for.