So True

I am worried, and a bit hopeful, but all I can do is wait.

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Thank you, it would mean a lot to me

@ Rorschach: that is exactly how I feel, but I can't make myself believe that things are as bad as they seem to be.

I'm guessing you're not from the US but I still feel your pain. I think about moving to the UK, Denmark, or some other country where there are hardly any problems at all. I am a criminal justice major and I planned on staying the US to do some good. But now I'm starting to think that I should go to a place where I'll know I'll be happy.

Well spoken, thank you very much

thank you Frito, it means a lot

I also don't know where you live but I want you to have a good life and wish the best for you and your country.

Thanks, I hope things end well.

I had to stay for my daughter's graduation party!? I couldn't just leave her.<br />
<br />
Maybe I'll be there in a month, maybe I'll be stuck here forever!

I thought that you were visiting the States in June LV. No?

thank you

I am with you on this one LV.