Her Ex-husband Is Up to His Same Old Tricks.

Let me explain something about my Ex's Ex.  In my opinion he was a worthless MF'er.  He was constently unfaithful to her.  He was always going out partying and drugging and leaving her home alone with the kids.  He was both physically and mentally abusive to her, and even sometimes the kids.

Last night I get a call from my Ex and she was upset.  She had been trying to get a hold of her Ex-husband all day long and was unable to do so.  So, when she got off work at 10 she decided to call his supposedly EX-girlfriend whom he has another child with, and low and behold he was there, and when she tried to ask him about it he hung up on her.  Naturally this made her very upset, so what does she do, she immediatlly calls me, and tells me everything.

I don't know what it is he has done to brainwash her, but it is driving me nuts.

But as the story continues,  He calls her back about 45 minutes later saying that the only reason that he was over there was to see his son, and proceeds to tell her everything that she wants to hear.  She of course laps it all up.

I don't know.  I just don't see him having changed is ways, and that after a while he is going to be doing the same things to her as before.  I have already told her that if he hurt's either of those kids or her that I would probably have to kill him.

This would be so much easier for me if I still didn't love the hell out of her.  I just can't understand why she would want to be with someone like that, and not with me.

I worship her, I have an awesome job, which I will admit can take up more of my time that I would like sometimes.  I would never do anything to hurt any of them.  I would be faithful to the end, but instead she wants to be with this guy that has a history of hurting them and not being there, and hasn't ever been able to keep a job for more than a year.  I don't know but it worries the hell out of me.
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I'm going to be frank.... you sound like a fricking p+ssy.

You remind me of a spoiled fat kid of overbearing controlling parents. I mean.. Why the hell are you taking care or dating a woman that has an ex-husband and kids? and you don't have any? I'm younger than you and I'll give you some advice. You're not a "Hero" this isn't a movie.

The only people that respect a man who takes care of another man's kid's is if that person adopted the kid of his own accord. Everyone else is seen as a "sucker" and that's what you are. You sound like a cuckold or something. Maybe that's your thing, Are you going to let her "**** a dude" in front of you if that's what she is looking for? i mean come on.

I read a couple of your posts, and you deserve to be treated like ****, you deserve to be kicked in the balls by her at all times, and you deserve for people to treat you like a fat **** loser. We'll because that's what your acting like.

I don't know what she looks like, but she must be out of your league, because you're taking care of her kids, paying for her ****, and wrecking your relationships with family members and the few people that befriended a smuck like you for p_ssy.., You understand there are vagina's everywhere right? you prune on about her as if you're like in "high school" or middle school. It's annoying.

If you want her to "love you" how about this be a "man". I don't mean in some bullshit, i me actually be a man. Learn to have edicts, and ideals and when you tell her it's over, or make a decision stick to it. One of the first tenets of manhood. God your parents must be embarrassed of you, and you are pansy. You don't have friends because you are weak... no one likes weakness, and needy individuals. I'm not saying don't do things for her or whatever, but have a limit, make rules, don't let her use you so she can bone other dudes. Because you are not a Stallion. A girl want's a Stallion, a wild horse that does it's own thing... they will try to tame you, but if they ever do tame you, they don't want you anymore. They will look for another "wild horse" to try and tame. Woman in America are crazy. You playing her "Daddy" and clean up for her crappy life, has gotten you the same disrespect she gave her dad (if she had one) or any men of goodness, she likes dudes that are ****, well because she was raised like ****. She's damaged goods, toss her back and save yourself. Look at all this crap you've gotten into just chasing her box? Go watch ****, or else go get a Mistress in S/M because that seems like what you want.

There is a reason why the Wild life people don't save damaged doves with broken wings... because they can't be saved, they can't fly anymore they are going to die. Like this girl. she's a damaged dove, no matter how pretty she is, she's going to end up in ****. No one givers awards to people for saving trash, or saving another man's family. You're supposed to make your own. What the hell is wrong with you? All you guys from my generation are complete needy, pansy, limp wrist, cry baby, coddled *******. You're acting like a disgrace... be a man. Damn...(The words were harsh, because they needed to be fat boy, now take your medicine and dig yourself out of this mental grave.. I'm doing for you, what a friend, or someone that actual gives a **** should have done to you a while ago... but no one tried to save you... think about that, or reply back...love to know your thoughts on what I wrote to you..)

Um what do you really mean by giving us this long story about problems that "your Ex's Ex" is causing? Why do YOU even need to get involved at all? Aren't YOU separate from your Ex and isn't she supposed to be separate from HER Ex?<br />
Her Ex is perfectly all right to do what he wants, so long as it is legal. He can visit his son by another woman just fine-in fact, that's good parenting. If what he does is not moral, well, YOU don't need to be a part of it. IF you and your Ex are indeed Ex, YOU should stay out of HER Ex's life,

she's lucky to have you in her life

This is an unacceptable situation. If you are certain that he is a risk to the children, and that he has harmed them before, I believe it is your *duty* to notify the appropriate authorities. And whilst you might love her, this woman is clearly bad news. Any woman who is willing to let her children be abused by her boyfriend, and who exploits her ex-boyfriend's feelings for her is clearly very self-centred and has a very inappropriate set of priorities and beliefs. The reason women like bad-boys is because men who display strong, masculine, aggressive characteristics are much more sexually attractive and they make women *feel* a certain way deep inside that "nice guys" like yourself don't. Your ex clearly lacks the self insight to see that the well being of her children and herself should come *before* her feelings about this man. You should also stop letting her exploit you like this, because by being her sobbing post, you are *perpetuating* her ability to stay in this relationship. If she wants out, you should be there, but you shouldn't be there in a way that just keeps her in the relationship. This would mean laying down the law. If she calls you, it's because she is coming back to you. No other reason. Being strong and definitive about this will probably make her view you as a strong and masculine character, as well. At the moment you're just a nice guy, but because of that niceness, you just don't make her *feel* that way inside that he does.

The big question is why do women love outlaws? I hope she can get some sense in her head before it's too late. All of us need to write her letters or something to get her to see the folly of all of this.