Engaged...is It Right?

Last year my fiancé proposed. Prior to a few months after, we'd had a long distance relationship for three years. We visited eachother and had one period where we lived together after I graduated from grad school, for about six months. I left because I was unable to find a job, so took one a few states closer where we were able to see eachother at least once a month. Fast forward past many years... I was happy to be in an exclusive tlrelationship where we made eachother happy, but I often felt I was not being emotionally supported. My job started to go downhill and I realized that we never talked, and it mattered to me. We'd go days without saying hello, maybe with just a good night text. He said he hated to talk on the phone and that if we talked all the the time, we'd run out of things to say to eachother. He refused. We didn't talk. I tried to compensate by building friendships where I lived and having a eachother life, since it didn't seem he wanted to beck e a part of mine- and bond more. That was all the relationship we really could have. The phone, and occasional visits. I finally had enough, and that's when he proposed. Months later, after looking for a job in my field in the rural area he had moved to for work, I had to move. We had a wedding to plan, and I was excited for a real relationship. We agreed to make it work. I moved and since haven't found a job in my field or anything comparable. I have a masters degree in a specialized field and an undergrad degree in psychology. So I'm stuck at the moment. But... In all this, some things have not changed. I still don't feel emotionally connected. He doesn't seem to understand my emotional needs and thinks I don't remember good things he does. I feel I'm the type of person who gives and gives, and while he does give, he doesn't understand me or always give me the empathy I need and crave. I feel lonely but have learned to get over it. Our relationship has many good sides. We have common life goals and values. Am
I being ridiculous, or do I have valid reasons to be worried about the future of our relationship and our marriage? Please help?
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Dec 3, 2012