I'm Sorry Mommy...

For a month or so my mom has started getting extremely depressed every time my dad is away for work. And it's MY fault. No point in trying to pass the blame. I'm just sooo f***** up right now! My parents found out about my bulimia only a little while ago, and since then I went to a party and was raped and now I have PTSD as well... it must have all come as quite a shock to her :/
I'm so sorry mommy... I feel really bad because she has a history of bulimia, but she's been fine for 30 years now... And suddenly all this stuff is too much for her to cope with :/ I know she isn't hurting herself though which is good, although the only reason she isnt is she knows it would hurt me too much... And whenever my dad is away she just is unable to function! When I ask her what's wrong she just tells me she's sorry... I don't know what to do... how to help her. It's all my fault :(
Liptongal Liptongal
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1 Response May 11, 2012

It's Not Your Fault,Your Going Through Something Just Like Your Mother Did.Yeah In Away Your Contributing To Her Pain But Your Going Thru Pain Yourself And Im Pretty Sure Your Mother Can Understand That.Just be There For Her,And Let her Be There For You.Make Eachother Stronger.