She's Not Taking Care of Herself

my mother has endometriosis, and right now she needs to have an operation but she keeps canceling the appointment. this will be the 3rd time and im very worried. she gets afraid and uses excuses not to go through with it. i understand that its scary, i know that its not an easy process and its not a nice thing to hear. especially when there's all kinds of stress around you. but how is she going to get on with her life, and sort out her problems if she won't see to her health. she's had this problem since before i was born and she isn't dealing with it. the only person who could make her see sense was my auntie. im not going to give up though. she has to go. problem is we cant afford to get up there this time and they wont provide transport...there's got to be a way..

FromTheHeartOfaWoman FromTheHeartOfaWoman
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3 Responses Nov 12, 2008

thank you. i know thats why i want to help her.

I have endo as does my mum and aunt. My grandmother possibly had it too. Please message me if you need a friend. I empathise with your mum, but it is not something she can just leave to get worse.<br />
All my love.

the taxi would cost too much. ill call the hospital and find a way. no i didn't know that, i hope it wasn't too serious i have had eye surgery too.