my parents had a big fight b4 cuz i think my dad's been cheating. my mom's so depressed and stressed out that she almost killed herself. she's so weak and her parents(my grands) are dead long ago. she thinks no one loves her. everything cooled off a little after that. but lately, something really bad happened again that left them only one choice -- divorce. i don't know how my mom will handle this but i hope she won't try to kill herself again. i'm so scared i don't know what 2 do. i still had school 2 think of.

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above all else remember their issues are not your issues. the decisions they make will have an affect on you but they are not because of you.<br />
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Understand that although they are both going to have a rough time you have to take care of yourself first.

i'm not a touchie-feelie type. i never used 2 express my feelings 2 any1 so it feels awkward and weird if i do it.

Its just huge fight and parents will say stupid stuff to win an argument. Let things cool off, support both of your parents and don't take sides. This is there battle not yours. They do not need to bring you up into there verbal fighting. Just go to school, take care of High school and learn.